20 Sep

Who Makes Up These Stupid Rules Anyway?

I’ve had a frustrating few days. My son is back in school (finally), but daughter had Monday off AND a friend over. Today my son brought his friend home with him. Between birthday and friends and no school, there hasn’t been much time for me to work on projects lately. Yesterday, my son had his first homework of the season and it took him THREE HOURS! We go through this at the begining of every something (I’m not exactly sure what the trigger is, but it has something to do with newness). He whined and cried and stomped and said NO to every suggestion I had. He actually sounded a LOT like me when I was in High School and College (and probably befre that too, but I just don’t remember). Sorry Mom and Dad. On top of that frustration, I decided that one of the projects I’ve actually been making progress on is not turning out as I want it to. I slept on it and decided that the only fix is to start over. This morning was eaten up by running errands and then the afternoon was all kids all the time. I desperately want to finish something because I feel like I’m barely treading water here; or at least taking a step backwards for each one forward. I hate project angst. On the up side, one of my errands this morning was to deliver patterns to the Arts and Crafts shop on post which eventually means some money for me. But they had just marked down a bunch of fabrics 60% AND gotten a bunch of new stuff in. Pretty stuff. Oh well, it is all lost on me who swore off buying new fabrics. Yea, me who is also envisioning projects with wide expanses of a single fabric. The kind of pieces which are not in my stash of half yard cuts, or the size of a back of a thrifted shirt. What was I thinking?! Who makes up these stupid rules anyway? I decided that if it is my rule, then I can break it. I bought a few yards of something I swear I need, although it is neither 60% off nor one of the new arrivals. It is however essential to the project which I am starting over. And I need a flea market — QUICK!

6 thoughts on “Who Makes Up These Stupid Rules Anyway?

  1. Regarding parental advice for homework: Is this where I am supposed to remember saying, “Just wait until you have children of your own.”? Actually all I remember is that my children were perfect.

    Regarding no new fabrics: How about a compromise? Like a yard a month?

    I hope next month is soon enough for us to get over there and take some of the pressure off.

    Love, Mom

  2. You sound so frustrated. It must be hard to be sole parent for so long and still try to have that creative life you want. I’m thinking about you, and just remember poor old me, I didn’t even start making quilts until I was past 60!! I can’t image how I would have managed every thing.

  3. Oh darn, that sounds like me doing homework with Alex in 2nd grade! It would usually end with him kicking the wall in his room, crying (being utterly frustrated) until he´d come out of his room and sit down with me to do it the way I had suggested it 2 hours before.. argh.. I can definitely wait for a rerun (now that he´s a senior it has not changed all that much though.. lol..when he starts freaking out because he procrastinates all the good behavior goes down the drain).
    So just as a reward for having to deal with this you did well for getting the fabric you have plans for.. or will have plans for? 😀

  4. As for the fabric, I (who similarly swore off buying anything new, except for batting and backing) wrestle with the same problem from time to time. Generally, after a careful look-see, i decide that the yardage at the stores just doesn’t blend with my thrifted fabrics, so not buying is not a sacrifice. And usually, i have so many projects in mind that i can turn to another that I have all the necessary parts for….but…..once in a while, oh, heck, if it’s what will really make a project work, i get it. In fact, I’ve been on the verge of buying a couple of turquoise fabrics for part of the background of my yet-to-be-started free-pieced sunflowers quilt. I cant’ find used clothing in the right colors, and making do just won’t cut it this time! You’re right, it’s my rule, so i can rework it however I please—or, from another point of view, i consider carefully and come to a fuller understanding of my materials and my art, and acquire new fabric with—I hope—wisdom.

    As for life in general, I can relate. Some days are not pretty. Hang in there!

  5. There was an article that I read recently about a study of homework that found that hours of homework does not increase learning and it is, in fact, a major factor in making children hate school. The conclusion was that children need to rest their brains and engage in relaxation and silly play much more than they need homework! Duh. Now, if we can get our educators to read the article…

    I hated those homework wars and was always secretly on the kids’ side.

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