08 Dec

Lines 25-28

I actually did my lines on day 25, but I forgot to post it here.

Lines 25 -- Fabric Crayon

I was in the mood for a bolder line so I tried a fabric crayon. It was too soft and squishy for a small format and subject matter though. This really wanted to be a large scale gestural figure drawing. But the poor crayon is stuck in my sewing room with a tiny square of fabric and  has to deal with it.

Then came two days of ennui (sounds more artistic than “lack of motivation”). No lines at all. I tried to make up for it today though.

Vase Three Ways (Lines 26, 27, & 28)

This little vase that lives in my bathroom has pretty lines, so I decided to draw it three ways since I had three days to cover. I started with a round brush and my thinned acrylic paint. That went pretty well. I tried to create the shadow inside the vase with lines, but it looked horrible. It wanted to be  solid so I listened to it.

Then I switched to the ruling pen. I’ve been watching others actually draw with their ruling pens. Sometimes I can be pretty “out there,” but just as often, I am a very linear thinker and things are well categorized. I think this is one of those instances. I see my ruling pen as an incredible tool for making straight lines of various weights and with various liquid media. I’m trying, but I just don’t like drawing with it. It doesn’t roll in my hand like a pencil or marker does when I make curves. I’m also learning that I am not a neat and tidy cross-hatcher. Mine keep going a little wild.

In addition to admiring others’ facility with the ruling pen, I’ve also been admiring Melanie’s use of negative space. (Natalya’s a good one with that too, in her journal work.) I tried the opposite of vase two and cross hatched the space around around it for vase three. I wanted the lines of the vase too, and then it seemed unbalanced without the shadow inside, and somewhere in there I kind of lost it and the form got all crappy looking. Oh well. It’s a learning experience and on that note this whole thing is actually going quite well.

One thought on “Lines 25-28

  1. An interesting exercise and I like all three. I find the ruling pen “stiff”. It is like driving an old truck with manual steering instead of power steering, especially on curves. It is great for straight line stuff. I have become enamored with negative space. It is hard for me to execute, because my brain keeps wanting to draw what is there. I see a lot of practice in my future! Have a great weekend and I love the hot pink cast with bling.

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