07 Dec

The Pink Cast

The Pink Cast

Ta da! It’s so pink it hurts my eyes!

Monday morning K and I went to get her new cast. It ends up that it’s not entirely new though. The splint she was given last week was two plaster tong shapes molded to her arm, one covering the lower arm and the other covering the upper arm (overlapping at the elbow). They were held in place with an Ace bandage. Since the tongs are essentially the same material as the inner layer of a cast, and the doctor didn’t want to risk moving her well-set wrist, they just removed the Ace bandage and wrapped the splint with the pink fiberglass. I understand their reasoning, but I really was hoping for a more aesthetically pleasing cast — with a less bulky elbow area so we could get her clothes on an off more easily! She went straight from the hospital to school, so by the time we got home to the hot glue gun, the cast was pretty well covered with her friends’ names, which meant we had less room for jewels. I may have had visions of sparkly patterns, but K was plenty happy to add just a bit of random glitz.

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