30 Nov

Lines 19 and 20

Obviously, I did both of these line studies today, since I was busy elsewhere yesterday.

I really liked the concentric squares I did for 16, so I went back to my ruling pen just to see what effect it would have on the same sort of lines.

Lines 19 -- ruling pen with acrylic paint

I’m not wild about the little tails that happen at the corners (I find it takes a little more concentration with the ruling pen to end exactly where you want to end), but that’s being nit picky. I like how quilty this looks and in fact it is inspired by the giant log cabin quilt I made earlier in the year, and the giant log cabin which inspired it.

As long as I had the ruling pen out, I thought I’d play with curvy lines. I also saw a glimpse of fabric or something on a blog that had a wonderful combination of straight, thick lines (like partly crumpled strips of paper), and wild curvy ones (like a tangle of string).

Lines 20 -- Ruling pen and paint masked with tape

My conclusion is that ruling pens are called that for a reason. They make rules (that’s what straight lines are called in graphic design parlance). I can think of better tools for making curvy lines. It was kind of fun scribbling all over though.

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