28 Oct

Insane Project of the Week/Insane Project of the Evening

Nine months (how prophetic) after signing up, the time has finally come for us to hop on a plane and take me to Art Quilt Tahoe! I am treating myself to this as part of my campaign to take myself serious as an artist. We leave tomorow for two weeks in California.

So, what do I do, knowing that time is short? I ADD a project to my to-do list. I told my daughter’s kindergarten teacher that unfortunately, I would not be available to join the other moms for a morning of crafting in preparation for the Christmas Market. For most people, that might be enough, but noooooooo, I offered to craft at home. I volunteered to make fabric wine bottle gift sacks, since I do have a large fabric stash. Christmas Markets don’t start here in Germany until the fourth Sunday before Christmas, so I’ve got time. However, I figure that when I get back from Tahoe, I’ll be all jazzed and inspired and want to create some new fabulous thing. So I spent my week making 20 gift sacks. It was a bit crazy, but luckily, they went quickly, and now that’s over.

At dinner tonight TS&WGH asked if I knew where my driver’s licence was. GULP! As a dependent of US military personnel I have a US Forces in Europe Driver’s licence. Six years ago, when we were in Arizona, I had an Arizona licence which I paid and extra $15 for it to remain valid for something like 18 years. I used to carry it around because I thought the USAEUR licence was like Monopoly Money, but at one point I thought it would be better to put it in a safe place. I don’t usually drive when we’re in the US, and when I do, it’s in a family member’s car, so no one has asked me for my licence. This time, we plan on renting a car. And, oh no, I can’t remember where my “safe place” was! I can’t even remember if I had the AZ licence last time we were in Cali, though I’m quite sure I used it three years ago when we rented a car in England. I’ve torn apart the house. One would think that when you move every two years things would be in order (which, for the most part, they are) but man, when something is not in it’s place the first thought is not “it will show up sooner or later,” but that it got thrown out with the last move. I guess I’ll be visiting the DMV while in California. Luckily, we call Cali home and having a licence will go to proving it. TS&WGH actually did the same thing on our trip last year.