23 Nov

Lines 12 and 13

Yesterday got away from me and I didn’t get around to doing my line exercise. So, today I sat down with my fabric, marker, and line-y subject and used the entire 15 minutes to draw a ball of string.

Lines 12 -- Fine PITT pen

I envy those who can make a well proportioned contour drawing without a bit of pencil sketch as a guide. As you can see, I could have used a guide. However, I don’t see this exercise as necessitating perfection — for me, it’s about drawing and mark making.

After making up for yesterday, I switched to a wider marker with a brush-like tip.

Lines 13 -- bold PITT pen with brush (ish) tip

The drawing is better — practice, practice, practice! I was thinking about making a very gestural line. My subject isn’t very gestural though. Perhaps tomorrow I will try something a little more sinuous and draw less representationally…

4 thoughts on “Lines 12 and 13

  1. I was thinking the same thing when I tried to draw a spool of thread- my proportions were off. I quite like your drawings. I like how some of the detail is implied I like how you’ve been able to work with two different pen thicknesses also.

  2. I really like you crochet thread and palete knife drawing. I am learning so much from other’s drawings. I love the PITT pens. I feel like I can draw when I hold one. LOL! The beauty of the line exercises is that there is a time limit so I have to draw quickly and not worry about how good it is. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Do Hawaiians cook turkey and dressing?

  3. I often use pencil to pre-draw…There is nothing wrong with it.. I know when my mood says it is OK to proceed without a pre-draw, Both work well and have uses.

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