17 Nov

Lines 7 and more

I’m taking a break from my ruling pen. Melanie gave me some good tips on how to recognize when the paint is the right consistency, which pretty much breaks down to spending a little time getting it right. I have to get over spending more time mixing the paint than actually making the lines! Perhaps I need to extend my line making session into a journaling warm-up, or something, where I continue on to working with the same materials on something else…

Anyway, ever since Melanie posted her white on black drawing a few days ago,  I’ve been jonesing to do a monoprint or more.

I kinda like the background texture the brayer left on the first one, but on the second one it had dried a bit and rolled more evenly. There wasn’t enough ink/paint on either one for a more solid background — I think a foam roller may work better than my rubber brayer. Either way, I enjoyed this process of reductive line making and will definitely return to it.

The “more” in the title is not just more than one line exercise today, but an announcement that my newest art quilts have been selected for SAQA’s “Beyond Comfort” show which will be shown at England’s Festival of Quilts next August! I haven’t shown them yet because I had also entered them into Quilt National (obviously, they were rejected). Here’s a sneak peek now:

“The Army Wife: Hanging By a Thread” detail, 2010

“The Army Wife: Issues Public and Private” detail, 2010

“The Army Wife: Home Fires” detail, 2010

6 thoughts on “Lines 7 and more

  1. WOW! From just these little glimpses, I can see so much emotion in these works. Congratulations on having them accepted into the show. So, does this change your summer plans? 😉

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