14 Nov

Lines and Inspiration

I like today’s lines.

Ruling pen with acrylic paint and fine line permanent market. I left my paint a little thicker and thus had less blobbing. I have to say that I really like the hand (or lack thereof) of dyed fabric, but I am not comfortable with the dye or thickened dye process. Too many steps and ingredients, too much potential toxicity. If I was devoted to the dye process, of course, I’d have all the necessary supplies and protection on hand, but I’m not so I don’t. I am much more comfortable with paint, so I’ll have to live with stiffer fabric. Luckily, these line exercises don’t add much paint to the fabric.

But I digress. Seeing as today is Sunday, I have an inspirational photo and accompanying sketch too.

This is part of the landscape I see when driving around near my house: red dirt and furrowed fields of bright green. Deep green mountains and bright blue sky often with big billowy white clouds. It is impossible to capture in one photo.

It has inspired a strip quilt though. This sketch is pretty minimal, but it is enough to jog my memory when it comes time to actually put something together. I have made this quilt and it is drying on my bed right now. I will share it soon and we’ll see how true it is, or isn’t, to my inspiration and sketch.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to posting Houston photos.

3 thoughts on “Lines and Inspiration

  1. Do you mix Textile Medium with your acrylic paint? I agree about all the mixing for dye painting, Textile Medium is simple to mix with the acrylic paint. I get Delta Ceramcoat brand at JoAnn Fabrics.

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