30 Aug

What quilts are for

I’m plugging away at “Quiltstadt,” hand quilting at on average, a house a day. Since I’m basicly doing straight lines, I keep the quilt in my collapsable PVC frame. Yes, this is supposed to be art, to hang in a gallery. But, being a quilt, it has other, more humble, purposes.

Katja in the quilt

2 thoughts on “What quilts are for

  1. ha ha ha.. great shot, that´s EXACTLY what quilts are made for, art or no art (actually, somehow all quilts are art anyways on some level :-D) Your art is just more spectacular and gorgeous than others! I think your house quilt would be sad it it had not served as a hideout or a snuggleblanket somewhere along the road before it will probably hang on somebody´s wall ;-}

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