13 Nov

Lines 3

I’m following in Melanie Testa’s footsteps and since she’s using a puling pen, and I have one from art school, I figured I needed to try it too.

Ack! Bad art school flashback!! Painting single letters with black and white gouache. Ruling pen dropping a blob just as you’ve achieved linear perfection on your ascender. Garamond, Times and Futura. OK, Ok, I’m breathing again. It will be OK.

My first attempt was with an ink I had bought in Germany. When thinned to work in the pen, it bled too much. That’s OK, experimentation is part of the exercise. I switched to slightly thinned acrylic paint. Much better! But, oh, the blobs. Ruling pens are not like bikes. You can’t just hop back on one after 20 years. That’s OK — I’ve got 27 more days to work this out.

Note, I masked off a bit in an homage to Melly’s lovely use of negative spaces. I always love seeing this in other people’s work and never remember to do it myself. This is me trying to remember to try it.

3 thoughts on “Lines 3

  1. I also like the use of negative space and like your idea of masking it off. Your experiments are great. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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