12 Nov

30 Lines

We interrupt the Houston reportage for a little art exercise. Yesterday, Melanie Testa invited anyone who wants to play along to join her in making a line study each day for 30 days. I keep telling myself I need to draw more, and even though I’ve been spending a little bit more time than before doodling or drawing self portraits, this 30 day challenge sounded like a perfect addition and kick in the pants.

So, I dropped everything and ironed nearly 30 little squares of fabric to freezer paper (for stability).

Unfortunately my freezer paper is very, very old and has finally lost it’s adhesive abilities, but that’s easily fixed on my next trip to the store. Regardless, I took out my fine permanent marking pen and set to making organic lines — kind of like wood grain or a seismograph but not really.

This morning I decided to try the pen with the brush-like tip. It doesn’t do the thick-thin as elegantly as I had hoped it would, but that’s kind of the point of this — what kind of line can you make with what kind of tools.

Melly is using a ruling pen and acrylic paint, so maybe I’ll dig mine out tomorrow and see what I can get mine to do…

5 thoughts on “30 Lines

  1. I like the idea of this exercise but the timing was not good for me as I’m doing Christmas presents right now. I admire you for getting into it and i love the lines. I’m wondering what they might become when they’re all done.

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