22 Aug

Hand-dyed Fabric

Recently, one of my readers asked where she could find hand dyed fabric by Heide Stoll-Weber. I appologize that I am a bad blogger and couldn’t find her comment to reply directly to, but I HAVE finally found some Heide Stoll-Weber fabric online. I was looking kinda locally for Perle Cotton to dye and found all kinds of goodies at Quilt und Textilekunst, to include a nice variety of hand dyes from Ms. Weber. (I’ve actually ordered from Quilt und Textilekunst before and was pleased with their quick and accurate service–at least within Germany.) I have also bought hand dyes from Gabi Tisch (in the borders of “Fliegenpilz 1” and “Am Rand des Omas Weizenfeld”), and have recently “discovered” Susan Seagram as well. Happy shopping!

So, tell me, if I’m not allowing myself to buy new fabrics, do hand-dyes and other one-of-a-kind fabrics count? I’m thinking ahead to the Carrefour du Patchwork in Val D’Argent and wonder if I can allow myself to come home with one of Dijanne Cevaal’s new creations…

6 thoughts on “Hand-dyed Fabric

  1. Weeeeell.. are hand-dyed fabrics new fabrics? I guess it´s all a matter of interpretation and even without consulting Plato on this I think they qualify as recycled fabrics 100%! 😀
    So the question should be can you buy recycled fabrics? Absolutely!
    As for the general one-of-a-kind fabric, that´s a tough one… if they are necessary to accompany or accomodate the recycled fabrics I guess they´re within the permitted parameters, huh? lol..
    What the heck, just go ahead and buy the ones you REALLY love and be earth aware by not buying the ones you would only like to have.. grin.. your conscious will guide your wallet or vice versa ;~}

  2. How would you feel if you didn’t buy it? I have suffered the inverse of buyer’s remorse ~ convince myself that I don’t (pick your reason) need it, have a specific project in mind, I can do that myself (yea, right!) and then I have regretted that I missed an unique opportunity. I am with Gerrie ~ DiJanne’s fabric is art and I would jump at the opportunity to buy it. Or, TS&WGH could buy you a bouquet! Roses last a few days, but fabric . . .!

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