21 Aug

Crafty, and Quilty projects

Summer seems to be on vacation and so we’ve been busying ourselves with indoor projects. My MIL sent adorable fairy fabric a while ago as a backing possiblity for the Hansel und Gretel quilt. I found something even better for the quilt, but thought that the fairies would be a perfect opportunity to try the tiered skirt tutotial at Whip-Up for Katja (whew, I wrote down the instructions before they disappeared). I added a simple shirt as well, and ta-da:

Fairy print skirt and top

We went out to buy yellow thread for me, and came back with a potholder loom for Zavi, and an embroidery kit for Katja. The embroidery is still way beyond her, but the kit was too cute, and she will grow into it. She managed to sew a patch pocket onto the included felt bag, and to make a lazy daisy. Zavi offered to embroider her name on the bag as well. What a thoughtful brother 🙂 BTW, I did have to finish this up — the last a is mine.
Zavi's hand at embroidery

And, since I am now resupplied with yellow thread, I worked on my next quilt: Raps. Today, Zavi went to A’s house, and Katja went to the zoo with neighbors, so I finished the Raps top! I think I’ll go redo the seam between the yellow Raps and the top third so that the “train” is thinner. Then I can start quilting.

Raps quilt in progress

I need some interesting yellow floss or something to seed stitch all over the yellow section. Any suggestions/sources? Speaking of sources, I am having to make a paradigm change in my shopping habits. A week or two ago, I made the decision not to buy any more new fabric, so now I’m learning how to put that into action. When we bought the yellow thread, we saw that the Arts and Crafts shop on post has lots of fabric on sale, but no, it’s off limits to me. My newest issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine is filled with new fabrics to drool over, but no, I can’t be tempted. I needed more red train fabric, but didn’t think I’d be ready for it so soon. I went out this morning to three Second Hand shops. Here, it seems that Second Hand is mostly for children’s items. I was hoping for a red man’s shirt with lots of text on it, but had to settle for a kid’s jacket. No Salvation Army or rural thrift store with loads of old curtains for $1 each. These second hand clothes are in pretty good shape and cost 2€ to 15€ each, so, considering the amount of usable fabric in a kid’s top, for instance, I may actually be paying more per yard than when buying new (even though that’s not the main point). What I need to do is go to the flea markets where one CAN buy old textiles for 2€ a piece, but for that I have to go on a Sunday, and pay attention to what market is where and when. That’s the part I’m just not good at, as I am not a recreational shopper. Luckily, there is a little “Floh Markt” within Sunday morning family bike ride distance from us — I just have to remember when it’s held.

10 thoughts on “Crafty, and Quilty projects

  1. I am LOVING Raps. Wow. You are so developing a personal style. Did I say I love it?! There are wonderful varigated perle cottons out there. Maybe something thicker, like even silk ribbon? Claire loves to weave potholders!

  2. I bought some fabulous hand dyed pearle cotton from Elin Noble at APNQ, I just checked her website and she does not have it on the site. I would get some plain perle cotton and dye it to get a variegated effect rather than solid yellow. I love Katja’s skirt. I need to help Steph make some school clothes for Mia.

  3. Wow — our little girl is sure growing up. Nice duds, BTW.

    Raps is fantastic. Are you planning on adding tons of stuff onto / into it as well?

    (and three cheers for best friends and for the zoo!)

  4. I’m using verigated yellow pearl cotton (#8) on a quilt now and I love it. mine is Oren Bayan, from Turkey and I got it on ebay.

    Your quilt is superb, it reminds me of the quilting a friend of mine tends to do, and it made me miss her. thanks for the inspiration and unintentional tug at my memories.

  5. I love the ‘Raps’ !
    The tiered shirt and top are so cute. I did find a ‘gypsy style skirt in ‘Threads’ I, too, jotted down quick instructions before returning the magazine to the library….just waiting for the proper fabric (:

    I do so enjoy your blog…

  6. Your Raps quilt is FABULOUS!!!! I feel like I’m there…on another train, viewing your train and your wonderful field of Raps!!!

  7. Keep looking for used fabrics! They have to be out there somewhere, and the search is definitely worth it. Here’s my experience: A few years ago, i was mulling over plans for my next quilt, when I realized i just didn’t want to buy yet more new fabric. So, since then (except for backing and batting), I’ve been buying used clothing—the stuff that’s really one or two steps from being junked. I usually go to the “Dig and Save” which is a last chance outlet for St. Vincent de Paul (here in Madison, WI). These are the clothes that don’t sell at their thrift stores, or have assorted blemishes that make them impossible to sell. I pay 50 cents a pound. And you know what? It’s great stuff (plus there’s plenty of junk, of course)! Wonderful, wonderful fabrics!—way too good to end up as rags or in a landfill. Have you ever looked at a pile of khaki pants? The variety of shades can’t be duplicated in new fabric—not even in hand dyes (I made a great log cabin wall quilt with light blue center squares—looks like you’re looking at the sky through a lattice). I also mix wool suits and silk ties (tricky, but worth it). Another favorite is cotton shirts. Lately, I can’t resist the 100 percent linen clothes (although I haven’t made any quilts from them yet). And it’s really fed my creativity. I have no desire to go back to “normal” quilt fabrics. This is not mainstream quilting, but that’s okay, in fact, it’s good.

    Kristin, your quilts are beautiful…..I wonder what you could do with a stash like mine?

  8. Kristin,
    I’ve been reading you blog for a couple of months now. You have done some really lovely work. How do you find the time for it all?
    It was interesting to see the material you had sun dyed being used in the Raps quilt. (I never did understand that sun dyeing procedure completely)
    I can symphathise with you about the lack of charity shops here in Germany. I know them from the UK. Not only are they a good source of materials (both fabric and other stuff) but they are a good place to take things you no longer have house room for. I hate just putting the stuff in the rubbish bin. And also like you I am not organised enough to hit the Flohmärkte.

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