23 Oct

Why I Should Shop with a Chaperone

First off, I want to say thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog. Thank you for visiting, and for taking the time to read previous posts and to browse the rest of my site. I really appreciate it and hope you visit again. And for anyone who visited without commenting, thank you too for the visit.

I would normally describe myself as a “guy shopper.” I only shop when I need something specific, and I go directly to the store most likely to have it. No browsing, no bargain hunting. (I love bargains, but not the hunt!) I will admit, though, that on my last trip to the US, I went to Michael’s no less than three times in a four week trip and spent in the triple digits on at least one of the trips. (I also visited several quilt shops.) I banned myself from craft stores the last week of the trip.

Thursday I went to my local yarn shop, Annette’s Wollstübe. I like Annette, she’s very vivacious, an enthusiastic teacher, and she remembered me from a felting class I took months ago. So I went looking for something to couch around the edges of the owls that might emulate the lines of the original drawing. I contemplated some yarn/ribbon and ever-helpful Annette breezes over to point out a sweater knitted up in the “yarbon” (I don’t knit unless it’s a rectangle) and a scarf. The scarf was cool! She had made it by weaving the “yarbon” through a yarn net–I could do that. Thinking that this stuff must cost about 25 euro per meter I was pretty sure I could stick to my original shopping list. Nooooooo, it was cheap. For less than 15 euro total, I walked out with 1.5 meters of net, a skein of “yarbon”, and cotton chenille for the owls.

Here’s the raw materials:

Here’s the helpers:

Less than two hours later (could have been even quicker without the helpers) I had a super soft, attractive, bargain priced, unique scarf. TS&WGH is even encouraging me to go back and buy more net and “yarbon” for scarves to have on hand when we need an emergency gift. So, maybe it is OK for me to shop alone.

2 thoughts on “Why I Should Shop with a Chaperone

  1. Hello Kristin La Flamme (love that last name of yours): I came to your site from Mel’s FiberMania. Somewhere you say that you do classes as well and from your blog, I gleaned that you are in Germany?!? Where are you based? It might be near me and I’m always looking for classes and such in my area.

    I’m in Filderstadt btw.

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