29 Oct

Friday (for lack of a decent title)

More Fabric Collage Postcards

I’m all caught up on fabric postcards for my lovely friends who’ve donated to JDRF on behalf of my neighbor Taylor. I have some more cards (though I think I’m going to keep this one as it’s my favorite) and there’s still a few more days until the walk on November 6th, so if you’d like to support a good cause AND get a little something in return, go here. (Connie A, if you are reading this, I don’t have an address for you.)

My View Right Now

My view other than postcards has been this. It started with strips of scraps and grew to become my homage to the red dirt and furrowed fields seen from the road between my house and Schofield Barracks.

Quilting a Rainbow

One often sees rainbows on the drive too.

4 thoughts on “Friday (for lack of a decent title)

  1. 84% of your goal…way to go! You’ll easily do better than you ever expected (your goal).

    Tell the postman to HURRY UP!

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