28 Oct

A Slight Detour

I’ve been a sporadic blogger. My excuse is that I don’t have much art that I want to talk about right now, and I haven’t been doing any interesting living-in-Hawai’i things either. But I did realize today that there are still Hawai’i-specific things going on. In particular, my TV watching has become kind of Hawai’i-centric — and I’m not the only one! I’ve also realized that the local paper is also following Project Runway and Hawaii 5-0 just like I am.

Despite the unnecessary drama of this season’s PR, I am glued every Thursday night just to root for Andy. I love a local-boy (or girl)-done-good story, as does the Star Advertiser. And, like me, the local press loved seeing Tim Gunn squeal at the catfish at Andy’s house, and rolled their eyes at the historic Haleiwa sign which is nowhere near, and represents a completely different culture than, the Waianae cost from whence Andy hails.

The other show I can’t resist is the new Hawaii 5-0. It’s over the top in a Baywatch kind of way. Normally, I don;t have much interest in this, but it makes a great drinking game!

Overall, my biggest issue is that the speaking cadence of the main actors isn’t right. Danno is fine since he’s from the Mainland, but McGarret and Kelly grew up in Hawai’i. I sort of forgive them their lack of local accent because of their jobs and education, but if Kono is really the surfer chick who hangs with the locals that she claims to be she’d have more sing-song in her voice. Drink.

Last Monday’s episode had the columnists in an uproar. Kelly told Danno to try wearing flip-flops! I can’t tell you how many times in my short two years here that I’ve been teased and chided for using that particular “f-word.” In his defense, reports say actor Daniel Dae Kim knew better and tried to convince the show’s writers that Kelly would really say “slippahs” but no one wanted Mainlanders, or translators from other markets to confuse rubbah slippahs with fuzzy bunny slippers. OK, good point, but you still gotta drink.

Speaking of drink, local tough guys don’t drink Blue Hawaiians at the Hilton. No, they drink Heineken in their garages (with the door open and all their friends and family there, watching football and playing ukelele)! Drink, but make mine a Longboard.

Lastly, kudos to the show for at least addressing one of the housing issues here, but the tent city on the show looked a lot more like a church camping weekend at Bellows Beach than the tent city I’ve driven by in Waianae. Where were the shabby tents, blue tarps and battered vans? And what was up with the spacious common areas and beautiful caucasian people? Nope, the real tent city is mainly native Hawaiians pushed to the edge of society, poor in money, health, and education. Sadly, Drink.

2 thoughts on “A Slight Detour

  1. Guess I’m watching all the same TV shows as you. I was really disappointed at the PR results last nite. I’ve been a fan from the 1st season and they have always criticized anything that looked Ready-to-wear and now it apparently is OK-gotta get me some of those shorts though! Right!!
    So I was going to do yard work, but I think instead I’ll don my flip-flops & head to the HHV to drown my sorrows in a Blue Hawaiian!

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