17 Aug


I thought I was done posting for the night, but look at what I got in my email in-box:

Liebe Teilnehmerinen,
die Ausstellung in New England ist seit heute früh eröffnet … die Preise gehen an:

Monika Denis
1. Platz für Deutschland 2006

Kristin la Flamme
Am Rand von Oma´s Weizenfeld // At the edge of Grandma´s wheat field
2. Platz für Deutschland 2006



Which translates as,

Dear Participants,

The show in New England opened early today… the prizes go to:

Monika Denis
1st Place for Germany 2006

Kristin la Flamme
Am Rand von Oma´s Weizenfeld // At the edge of Grandma´s wheat field
2nd Place for Germany 2006


Ooooh, I am doing such a happy dance right now! No one here to tell the news, so I need to shout it out to the world. I don’t even know what I’ve won, but it’s toooo cool. Cool, cool, cool cool! OK, I’m going to go lay down now, before my head gets too big for me to hold it up.

Am Rand von Oma's Weizenfeld


23 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. Das ist gut? Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut….well, I will stop there with the German….

    Congratulations…kudos….you should be jumping up and down…it is always nice to be recognized for one’s artistic talents…my best to you….from what I’ve seen there are many more awards to come….I’m glad you shared this happy “high” with everyone…the news was too good to wait…you were right about that…..keep on quilting……….

  2. Congratulations! The quilt looks really great. I also read Catherine’s mail last night but was too tired to write at once.

  3. Congratulations! I know we make quilts to please ourselves but it’s so nice when someone else appreciates them too.

  4. kristin, congratulations!
    i never was in doubt that you will win one of the prizes. the quilt is absolutely beautiful… from the stitching to the color choices… it´s just excellent. (okay, that all counts for your quilts in general… but i never-ever doubted you´re a winner!)
    enjoy the feeling! ^.^

  5. Wohooo!!!
    I just read the announcement at the Quiltsterne online group – the german coordinator is a regular there 😀
    Way coooooool when I read your name – isn´t it nice to be recognized for hard work????
    Congrats woman – maybe we need to celebrate at craft day today? 😀
    So now I can have the quilt, right? You know my walls are in desperate need of beauty ;-]

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Kristin,
    habe gerade von Pascale auf der Gildeseite die tolle Nachricht erfahren – gratuliere ganz herzlich. Ist ein besonderes und bestimmt ganz tolles Gefühl!
    LG Bea

  7. Auch von mir noch einmal “Herzlichen Glückwunsch”!

    Ein Hoch auf uns zwei Glückspilze! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

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