17 Aug

A quickie, or two

I see lots of cool stuff as I browse around the crafty blog sites and I wholly admit to being influenced by it. Many pretty things I think to myself, “I could totally make that!” And I am definitely a coveter of nice stuff. Lately, I have been admiring Mrs. Mel’s Stacked Series, Marcia Derse’s “Floats,” so many of the quilts at Fun Quilts, and just about everything at Whip-Up. Somewhere I ran across someone who had made simple fabric coasters and thought, “now I could do that!”

This morning, I was feeling PMSy and wanted to be alone. I have run out of yellow thread, and can’t work on that project. So I hid in my sewing room for an hour or two and made coasters. The coasters are almost the right scale to have a little fun with the compostions I’ve been loving, but not ready to commit to a full sized project, or distill enough to make them my own. OK, actually, the coasters are a little too small to work out compositions, but they ARE just right to whip out something pretty for the table without a lot of thought, time, or any money. I left everything raw, which I wouldn’t necessarily do in a finished quilt, but am totally willing to do on something I’d set my drink on; and I didn’t even bother with binding — not even satin stitch — I just did a standard zig-zag around the edge. Voilá, pretty coasters, and a little sanity check for me.

Copy Cat Coasters

I was so inspired that I made two pot holders as well, since my old ones are ugly AND greasy.

Pot Holders

UPDATE: It was over at Moonstitches that I saw the coasters, and she was inspired by a Japanese craft magazine. Blue and white, AND inspiration from a Japanese craft magazine — no wonder I was compelled to make mine 😉

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