17 Aug

Yes, we ARE having too much fun here!

Today we went to the circus!

Pure joy

One of the neighbors got free tickets to see Circus Roncalli, and so the other neighbor and I took all the kids to see the show. It was very professional and beautiful to watch. Cirque du Soliel has definitely influenced the way circuses perform. This one has a classic circus look, beautiful costumes, live music and charming clowns (the main one being an Italian who has worked with Ringling Brothers for 13 years). I believe the circus itself is German, based in Köln (Cologne).

The girls, of course, loved the horses. This act was followed up by a tiny matching white pony which jumped rope, which they all loved.

I suspect the middle aged men rather liked this pair of scantily clad ladies who were able to spin multiple sparkly tapestries at once. I know I was impressed!

For the ladies, there were two hunky guys doing death defying tricks on the trapeze. Not quite the “flying man” from the first Cirque du Soleil I saw a decade ago, but impressive nonetheless.

This group did amazing flips and jumps off of a skinny board held only by the two guys in capes.

My favorite was probably this lady who spun multiple hula hoops and juggled at the same time. Here she was even simultaneously balancing a hoop on top of her head. She was very “bendy” too, and at one point was standing on her head, and spinning hoops on one arm, one leg extended up, and one leg brought over head so that the hoop was in front of her. The lady in the seat next to me said the she must be a very good multi-tasker!

Thank you Circus Roncalli, we really enjoyed the show!