21 Oct

Time is Running Out


These are the postcards I’ve made as incentive for my readers (that’s you guys!) to donate to The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Seven of these lovelies already have homes — that’s a big mahalo (thank you) to Natalya, Connie, Doreen, Stephanie, Del, Diane, and Debra!

The fundraiser goes until November 6th, so if you want one of these postcards, go to the JDRF tab on my Facebook page, or directly to my walker page here and make a donation as small or large as you want. And no worries if a bunch of people donate — I’l happily make more cards! It’s that good of a cause.

These are titled “Taylor’s House,” not because the house looks like my neighbor Taylor’s (though her house does have a lanai out back like the one on the cards), but because these houses are in honor of Taylor and her learning to live a full and happy life even with Type 1 Diabetes. These houses also reflect the red dirt and drier landscape of the central Oahu area in which we live, though in real life, our houses are much closer together. I’ve made them with alternating fabric, stitch, and paint, so there’s a nice atmospheric quality and they really are little tiny pieces of art.

**Thank you so much to all those who have donated so far! I will indeed need to make a second batch of postcards. I also need street addresses for a few of you — I’ve been sending a thank you email through the JDRF site but I think it may have ended up in a few junk folders (Nancy and Connie, please email me privately or leave a comment here (without your addresses) so I can email you directly).

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