16 Oct

Even More Costuming

I too had been thinking about making the white elastic black with the ever-useful Sharpie pen (or more accurately, a giant Expo marker). Two TV shows and five black fingers later, I think my son’s armor is much improved.

Messy hands

In addition to my two kids’ costumes, I volunteered to make a Fleur Delacour (in picture 4) dress for their taekwondo instructor. I was hoping that one of the pattern companies would have put together a Harry Potter themed collection with something like striped ties, wizarding cloaks, and uniforms from a visiting girl’s school. No luck though. So, I had to find a “close enough” pattern and work out the rest on my own.

Fleur Delacour costume beginings

I used Butterick 4607 (which I already had) for the collar and sleeves and Simplicity 3673 for the basic dress. Using the front and back pieces from the shirt, I created the right shaped neck and then self-drafted the rest of the capelet.

Fleur Costume nearly done

It still needs a little scarf, few more buttons and a hem, but I think it came together nicely, and pretty easily too.

2 thoughts on “Even More Costuming

  1. C’est tres jolie!!
    I did much the same think (nowhere as pretty) when I made a set of cowboy pajamas for my ex-father-in-law (he wasn’t ex at the time). This man would like to be John Wayne when (if) he grows up. I cobbled together a cowboy shirt and pajamas, and then embellished with suede fringe and other manly stuff – they were adorable and I understand he still wears them. Sadly no pics.

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