15 Aug

Kristin on Tour

I’ve had the first report of Kristin Quilts on tour, here seen at the Quilts for Change show:

DebR as me, with quilts

On the left is “Shades of CR Mackintosh,” a hand appliqued and hand quilted gift for my mom and step-dad. On the right is “Seaweed?” which is mainly embroidery on marbled fabric. In the middle is DebR as stunt double. See, she has red hair, just like me. It’s just like I’m there; we’re practically twins 🙂

Thank you, thank you Deb for the picture. It’s really nice to see the quilts in situ. I’m suprised that they were hung next to each other as they are sooooooo different, and they were submitted into different categories. It makes for a nice picture though, to have them right there next to each other.

Next up on tour, I  think, is “Am Rand des Omas Weizenfeld” on tour with Mancuso’s World Quilt competition. It will start this weekend in New England, and then goes around the US. “Katja’s Owlz” has arrived at AQS Nashville; and “Hansel und Gretel” was accepted into the Fairy Tale World competition at the Main Quiltfestival (I’m very excited that I will actually be able to go to this show as it’s in Germany and only an hour’s drive or train ride from me). “Staufen Vineyard” and “Foggy Morning in Cesky Krumlov” are both on their way to a Patch & Work in Halle/Saale to celebrate that city’s 1200 year Jubilee. (Wow, 1200 years — now that’s perseverance!) The quilts will be shown at the Georgenkirche in Halle/Saale from 15 October until 11 November (for any interested German readers).

That’s it for shows. I entered a bunch not knowing if any would be accepted. My work has been validated a hundred times over, and now I’m going to keep the rest of my work close to home as I prepare for a gallery show this winter. I have no idea if I’ll enter more competitions in the next few years. I may hide under a rock for a while.

6 thoughts on “Kristin on Tour

  1. Wow! This is so impressive. You have a body of work. And not only that it has been accepted in to shows around the world. You have the beginnings of an awesome resume. You are an artist!! I am going to slink back to my studio and only dream of such a quilt life.

  2. My wife — the international rock star!

    (and don’t let me catch you with any of those groupie-guys, either!)

    You know, when you lay it lal out like that, all those shows, you really do kick some ass. I am biased, of course. But it’s very cool.

  3. This is so great Kristin. Congratulations. I’m extremely inspired by your quilt making philosophy and final results. Thanks for sharing it all. Way to go!

  4. go girl! how awesome for you! i think you are very prolific with your work too! congrats!

    i had hoped to see the piece in Cincy but opted not to go, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing your Katja’s Owlz in Nashville.

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