03 Oct

My Concession To Autumn

My Concession to Autumn

It must be autumn since I’m wearing jeans and a sweater!

The tank is my first attempt at knitting something non-rectangular. It’s Soleil from Knitty.com. It really was an easy knit and a perfect first step into shaping and garments. The yarn was a present from my sister and is a super-soft bamboo wool mix (Fibra Natura Exquisite Bamboo) that, though splitty, and prone to drapeyness in the finished garment, feels so nice against the skin it’s worth it. The lace pattern at the bottom gets lost in the variegated colors of the yarn, but oh well, I still like it. I think it will look good vest-like over a white blouse too.

2 thoughts on “My Concession To Autumn

  1. Yes, pretty soon, I’ll be wearing socks! (January maybe!)

    I like this vest, and yes, some yarn can be a problem. Ya never know until you get going, and have fallen totally in love with the project.

    Well done.

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