30 Sep

What’s Up

Portfolio Books

These cute little books arrived in the mail over the past few days. I made them with iPhoto to show off some of my projects, and I think they turned out great. I love my Mac, and Apple’s thoughtful designs.

We are going to the Quilt Festival in Houston in November. Though the primary reason for going is to see quilts (like my two and friend Deborah’s in the Tactile Architecture exhibit, and lots of friends in Beneath the Surface), I’m thinking there’s too much chance for opportunity to show up empty handed. I decided I needed to have something to show off my work to any interested parties I may run into, but I wasn’t going to bring my big black portfolio from the good old days, nor do I want to haul around actual projects. I think these books fit the bill quite nicely.

Portfolio Books

One is fabric designs, another is my somewhat traditional bed quilts, and the best is a collection of mostly recent art quilts. I hope to bring my collection of Twelve by Twelve postcards too. Yes, I’m an art and craft schizophrenic, but no one needs to see the extent of it if I only show them one book at a time! Now I need to design an IBOL business card for hubby and we’ll be all set.

Though it looks like I’ve been neglecting my blog and artwork of late, there’s actually a lot going on. In addition to psyching myself up for Houston:

• I entered some work to Quilt National and hope to find out in a few weeks if it’s been accepted or (more likely) not.

• Thanks to some generous friends, I’ve raised enough money for The American Cancer Society via the Artful Bra Project that I’m feeling good about delivering the bra, “My Beloved Support” so that it can be part of the auction at Hard Rock Cafe’s Pinktober event.

IBOL II is nearing it’s mail-by deadline, and though it hasn’t garnered the huge numbers of boxes so far compared to last year, it is wonderful to see community coming together and sharing resources and good will. I’m sure that Nahed, the coordinator in Iraq will have plenty of bundles to distribute to needy locals.

• So, now it’s time to gear up for JDRF fundraising! Our neighbor has a wonderful daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and has been working hard, practically since day one, to support those working to make her daughter’s life more manageable and as normal as possible. Last year the taekwondo dojang we all belong to pulled together to raise an amazing amount of money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and hopes to be able to do the same this year. I’ll be posting more details soon.

• I almost forgot to add that my little rooted house textile art sold in the SAQA auction! Someone beat me to the two I had my eyes on in round two, but there’s still hope for two that I’m looking at in round three. There are still plenty of lovely artworks to be had at very affordable prices this week and then the last batch go on auction Monday. Supporting SAQA supports exhibit and educational opportunities for many quilt artists across the globe.

• I’m making Halloween costumes for my two kids and their taekwondo instructor. Be prepared for posts about chain mail, fun foam armor, fairy wings, tulle and maybe even a glimpse of Fleur from Harry Potter.

13 thoughts on “What’s Up

  1. I think your books are a FABULOUS idea! Great alternative to the huge black portfolio. They look really nice and you don’t have to refold a single quilt!

    Hubby gifted me a beautiful book he made thru iphoto, to celebrate our whirlwind romance and subsequent wedding…*sigh*

  2. i’ll hafta check out i photo, your little books are fab! and i am exhausted just reading what you’ve been up to…i better start catching up!

  3. ooh, those books are gorgeous. I always worry my photography isn’t up to snuff… yay!!! you’re going to Houston Festival! I hope to see you there. I’m going to market, so will only be at Fest through Friday.

  4. Wonderful.. an interesting overview of your artistic life. All the fog is dissipated and look what a beautiful life you have.
    Daniela, one of your Romanian’s fan.

  5. Terri (and anyone else who’s curious): Apple printed them. I have a Mac, which comes with iPhoto, which has templates for these fabulous books (lots of stylistic options). Once I’ve created my book using one of the templates and my photos which download from my camera automatically into iPhoto, then I click “BUY” and it all gets sent to Apple HQ where they print and assemble it and then FedEx the finished product to me. All at a very reasonable rate. If you don’t have iPhoto you can make similar products at online photo places like Snapfish and through Flickr partners.

  6. I love these books, what a great idea! My work is so schizophrenic, I’d have a hard time classifying it into different books, but the idea is great. I hope we don’t have our eyes on the same quilts in round 3 🙂

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