13 Aug

Angelbachtal Ritterfest

Today we joined our friends for a visit to a Mittelalter Ritterfest (mideaval festival) in the town of Angelbachtal. There are many here in Germany, but in the last ten years, I have never actually been to one. Even though the weather was sketchy, I jumped at the opportunity to get the kids back out of the house.

Like all good fests, they had rides, like this people powered ferris wheel:
2PS (two person power)

And games like this one where kids could shoot the targets on the top of the castle. Zavi actually shot two and won a handful of marbles. Much better than the plastic toys you get from a normal fest.

Boy games

There was yummy food everywhere (yea, I know, it’s Germany where there’s always yummy food). They had the de rigeur bratwursts, and a “mideaval” version of a doner kebap, plus these bread ovens everywhere. My friend was salivating over all the different breads, but her hubby was determined to have suckling pig roast on a spit — just to be truly authentic. He went off to stand in a line and returned with wine in handmade cups, and sliced meat on a bed of green beans. I’m not sure if it was cooked on a spit, but it was delicious.
Wood burning bread oven

We bought a few souveniers. Zavi got a nice wooden shield, but I said no to a sword. It was a nice one, I admit, but I’d rather not encourage weapons in our house. He can use a stick. Katja contemplated a shield too, as she found one with a unicorn on it, but ultimately settled on a little ceramic bird that warbles when you fill it with water and blow in it. She wanted a princess head dress too, but we decided on the bird since mama can make a princess headdress at home, but not a cool bird.

Ceramic Bird Call

In addition to things to buy, there were also demonstrations. We watched a blacksmith of course; and the kids were enthralled by this lady’s work on her potter’s wheel. There were audible gasps when the pot grew out of her lump of clay.
Potter's demo

We couldn’t pass up the make-your-own soap at 1 euro a handfull. The kids got to play in the soap shavings, and now we have two balls of sweet smelling soap for our bathrooms.
Soap Making

And then there was the pony ride. Instead of just going around in a circle, the kids were given a bag of “treasure” to toss in a basket, and long stick with which to spear a “knight” and to nab a wreath from a tree.
Knightly Practice

At the end of the ride, each child recieved a certificate proclaiming them a “Knight from Angelbachtal.”

Ritter Zavi von Angelbachtal

They even got to wear a cute costume.

Ritterin Katja

Later, the professionals showed us how it was really done.

and now the professionals

Unfortunately, the grey skies had opened up and it was really pouring, so between the umbrellas and the crowds, we couldn’t find a place to see what the show was about. From what we could hear, they had quite a demonstration. We did, at least, get to see the knights and horses all decked out, and that was enough for the kids.

There are quite a few castle ruins not far from us which hold annual events. We’ll have to try to make it to another fest in the Fall and hope for better weather.

4 thoughts on “Angelbachtal Ritterfest

  1. Even though we left Germany when I was very young, we spoke German at home because Oma lived with us and she didn’t speak English(and at 80ish-refused to start). Reading about your adventures in Germany delights me. I can still read and think in German(if that makes sense) but I’m so gramatically challenged that it embarasses me to even try too much spoken language. Once again, thanks for a glimpse of the place where I was born. It looks even lovelier with your beautiful children decorating the scenes….

  2. uuuu – what a fun day!!! Looks so great, wish we could have went – Isa would have loved the horseriding and all the cool costumes! I saw a blog of a lady making medieval costumes – if I ever find the right fabric I will seriously work on making time to screw it up.. ha ha.. just one of the things I´d love to be able to make! I can´t wait for Oppenheim to have their Mittelalterfest up in the castle ruins again next year. Love Katjas bird – is she driving you coocoo yet? 😀

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