13 Aug

It’s just not going to work

I finally found some time to hack the sleeves off the 8os dress. Yippee! It looked much better. But now I don’t like the length anymore. I guess my eyes were diverted upards before and I was so focused on the sleeves that I didn’t notice the length. I also realized that the back is very ill fitting.

Dress that just isn't working

I contemplated re-doing the back zipper, neck line, and darts but then decided that I am so over this project. I have completely lost interest, and the heat wave has passed, so I am no longer desperate for lightwieght clothing. The fabric will make a nice patchwork something or little girl clothes, but it’s life as a dress for me is over.

3 thoughts on “It’s just not going to work

  1. like the new sleeves – sorry to read the obituary for the dress though.. smile.. but something tells me this will not be the last dress we´ll see! 😀

  2. I am proud of you for trying to re-work something that did not meet expectation…
    rarely do I re-work something to satisfaction. Now if it doesn’t ‘work’ the first time I drop it knowing that I’ve done the best already.
    However (: I have found that as skill level and knowledge increase, sometimes I can retrieve an article that was unfinished and make it work (:

    As to personal responsibility to the planet, everything helps. Whether it makes a change remains to be seen. We cannot lose hope…..

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