06 Sep

Is it That Time of Year Already?

We’re less than a week away from my son’s birthday (12 — yikes!) which is my signal that not only do I need to think about a few gifts and a party for him, but I need to think about the birthdays and holidays that will now follow in quick succession.

Sewing Calendar

And just to drive home the point that it’s time to think about those handmade gifts, this calendar showed up in the mail. It’s the 2011 Sewing Calendar and it’s chock full of sewing projects from all over blogland. There are wonderful, and very accessible projects in here — and I’m not just saying that because November 10 — 13 are dedicated to my Mod Log Table Runners!

Fliegenpilz Table Runner

What you might also notice is that the calendar shows a table runner I have not yet shared here. I was thinking Christmas red and green reinterpreted, so now seems as good a time as any to share it and maybe spark someone else to create a light, mushroomy, holiday.

Fliegenpilz Table Runner

Of course, if one is more inspired by say, the Three Kings, then there’s another version conjured up to use those bits and pieces of cloth painted, foiled, rubbed, etc. in the excitement of the newest issue of one’s favorite art quilt magazine(s).

Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Table Runner

I call this one “Gold Frankincense and Myrrh.”

Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Table Runner

I have two copies of the Sewing Calendar, and while I’m keeping one for myself, I’d love to share the other with someone ready for some pre-holiday project planning (who am I kidding, we’re not ready to actually start the projects yet, are we?). So, leave a comment and maybe even tell me if you’re planning on making some handmade gifts this year or if you’ve got a plan or list already and I’ll randomly choose a winner to receive the 2011 Sewing Calendar. Make your comment by midnight Hawaii time September 10th (Friday) and I’ll announce the winner as soon as I recover from the birthday party on the 12th.


18 thoughts on “Is it That Time of Year Already?

  1. Happy Birthday Z!! I always plan to make holiday gifts, but as you know, I am not the best at getting things done in a timely manner. But maybe if I start planning now, I can get things done for the holidays in 2011! lol.

  2. Oh yes, I plan to make handmade gifts for Christmas. But no, I have no list (yet). I usually start thinking about this in early October. Love your table runners btw. Cheers.

  3. Planning on making lots of knitted mittens and socks – would like to make some fabric gifts, as well! Beautiful colors in that second runner!! (The first one’s fun, too!)

  4. You aren’t old enough to have a 12 year old!;) I have started making lists, but the list making is the easy part! I know as soon as the weather drives me inside, I’ll get serious. Have a great week.

  5. Really loved the christmas colors on the runner….until I saw the purple and gold, my latest favorite colors. Christmas gifts are always so fun to make and I love seeing what I can get done each year. Last year I had so much fun making dolls outfits for Joely’s American girl dolls and each kid gets a new pillowcase for Christmas. Guess it is time to get busy, so thanks for the nudge….

  6. Making holiday gifts always seems like a super fantastic idea all year long up until around December 24th. I am going to try to make a few things for home just to get more textile visibility at home.

  7. I’m in Maryland right now & my granddaughters are filling up my to-make list for Christmas very rapidly! The machine will have to start buzzing when I get back to Hawaii

  8. hmmmmm……moi is planning to avoid holiday gift making this year! well… that is until the last possible minute when some brilliant idea strikes me and i have no time to execute it…

  9. Hi, I got the mod log runner pattern off your website a couple of years ago. I finished two and have two just waiting (for 2 years) to be quilted. Love it – great holiday gift. The recipient of the gifted one loves it too.
    Would love some more ideas for holiday gifts as I won’t start thinking about it til too late.

  10. I especially love that purple one. I will make it for Christmas this year.
    I see you have some Zimt Sterne cookies ? Did you make them?

  11. I’m planning on making a few Christmas gifts this year. And I’d love one of these sewing calendar! The mod table runner is soooo pretty! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  12. My fav is the one with the mushrooms, of course! And I think I will be making lots of things for craft shows and gifts…mushrooms, owls, pin cushions…and I’d also love to see what else is lurking in that calendar!

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