16 Aug



Look what I did to my poor needle last week.

It’s one of those fancy new titanium needles that are supposed to last a long long time. I was stitching along through many layers and “bam” this happened. Looking at the wreckage, I think that my thread caught on the spindle and so the pull of that versus my pulling because of the heavy layers pulled the needle just enough so that it came down not in the hole, but onto the metal of the stitch plate. And, being that it’s titanium coated and stronger, it bent instead of snapping!

10 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. I love those needles because they do last a long time. I got a snag in my quilting the other day and broke my needle threader – boo hoo.

  2. Now that’s some carnage! Amazing.

    I agree with Terri, I’m terrified when the broken piece goes flinging off.

  3. Hate those broken needles! Couple weeks ago I broke one in three pieces! Always have to hunt for the pieces to make sure all are disposed of properly and not caught up in the quilt somewhere!!

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