06 Aug

Happy Birthday

I have been busy trying to wrap up “little” projects before diving into the next quilt. Problem is, these little projects have proven not to be so little. And they won’t go away. I repaired a stuffed toy for Zavi, only to find that it burst another seam within an hour. And then there’s the 80s dress. Actually, I’ve decided to lop off the sleeves and take in the sides a bit, but first, I needed to make two birthday presents for this weekend.

The first is a table runner for my neighbor who did not get one last Xmas. She has a lovely creamy colored living room/dining room and putters in her garden at every opportunity. Hence, simple fun with floral fabrics:

Floral Table Runner

The second is for a friend who enjoys cross stitch and just bought a new house. I was inspired by Tonya’s free-pieced word quilts and decided that a sampler-inspired wall hanging would be perfect. That was about as much planning as I put into this. I wanted to put a dent in my bag of scraps, so I challenged myself to use only this pile of scraps for the whole quilt. OK, I did allow myself to use a piece of fabric from my stash for the backing, and I used binding and batting left-overs, which technically were not from the bag of scraps, but they are definitely in the same vein.

Pile o' Scraps

With no master plan or even much of a vision, I pieced the words Home Sweet Home. I had considered a free-pieced house and a row of flowers, but I felt I was running out of time (it needed to be done by Sunday morning, the house needed to be cleaned before we left, kids were interupting as only kids can do, etc., etc.) so I just made a heart and a wonky tulip to fill in the obvious spaces. In retrospect, I could have made the tulip’s stem darker and added more space between Home and the heart, but remember, this was all on the fly. I intended to quilt hearts, but again with no real plan, they ended up as swirly shapes. Then I ran out of thread. I chose a similar shade, and then ran out of that as well. I thought I’d never finish as I was spending all my time changing spools and knotting off ends!

Home Sweet Home wall hanging

In the end, the pile of scraps looks just the same (maybe it’s not as compacted as before), but I think it’s a charming gift and I hope she likes it.

I’ve glued an eye back on another toy and a cutout onto a hanger, so next up is re-working the 80s dress, or repairs to Zavi’s favorite Bayern München tricot. On the up side though, is that I got some new DVDs from the library, and in the last few evenings have quilted more houses. I’m up to 12 now! I’m off for four days to go camping. I’ll bring hexagons to piece, but I harbor no illusions that any will get sewn.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. I love your little Home Sweet Home quilt. I love the scrapiness, the randomness, your use of leftovers, the funkiness…. What a lucky friend you have! You’re right, it is a charming gift and I know she will love it!

  2. Brilliant! Hooray for improvisional sewing and stash reduction. How big is “home sweet home?” Great stuff. What a wonderful friend you are.

  3. It’s charming! Has it already been gifted? If not, you can go over the tulip stem lightly with green crayon or colored pencil….


  4. I’d love to receive a gift like that! It’s quirky and unique …

    Good luck with taking a project on holiday. We’ll be going to my parents house next week and if I’m good and my fave quilt shop is fast, I might be able to take something to hand-quilt too!

  5. lovely! the table runner is adorable – you must have a very special neighbour ^^
    what you call a “charming gift” is a piece of art. wonderful!

  6. Absolutely wonderful. “Home Sweet Home” turned out so incredibly well and so amazingly fast. I never get anything done that quickly. I love it.

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