31 Jul

City progress and tattoos

Ta-da! I have quilted the first few houses on the City quilt (which needs a name, BTW). If I keep up my pace of a few houses a night, I should have this done in the next two months. I have not actually counted the houses, though, as that would only depress me. But, I have quilted five in the last two nights and hope to finish at least one tonight (I’m also antsy to work on a birthday gift).

First two houses quilted!

I’m looking for a name like “Anytown, USA,” but of course, in German (like Michael Musterman on application samples).

In other news, Katja drew this tattoo on me this morning:

Zopf Herz

She calls it a Zopf Herz, which translates to Ponytail Heart. Obviously. She gave herself one too so we could match. A while ago she “tattooed” another creature on me, which she could only say had eyes on top.  I’m definitely seeing a quilt based on these drawings in my future. (So much so, that I have already purchased a few flesh colored fabrics.)

Tattoo creature with eyes on top

11 thoughts on “City progress and tattoos

  1. The drawings are very cute, but are tattoos going to be like pierced ears of the 70’s? When is a child old enough to get one – I’d be okay if the answer were never.

  2. So would a theme of babies, beer bottles, and tattoos make a good quilt for any upcoming nieces or nephews? Our conversation about measuring my fetus in terms of beers (now at 12 oz), seems to work “seamlessly” into one on tattoos. By the way, readers, I am not a pregnant lush. I dont even drink.

  3. Yea, beer and tattoos. Mom, I think I can hear the sighing from here. Dad, of course, would be amused (and try to get cars worked in there somehow as well). Sister dear, don’t worry about a theme, and don’t look here for any clues either.

  4. Help! What ever happened to the good old days when baby quilts had themes with kitties and duckies, and tattoos were for drunken sailors? This blog may drive me to drink beer! 🙂

  5. I love this close-up of the houses quilt. It is so cool to have all that great writing on there. The hand quilting looks marvelous – excellent choice.

  6. not a quilt comment: love your family member’s commentary 🙂 your other half has it right – Quiltstadt! and you know in german it would sound more Q-v-ilt – so more interesting

  7. I’ve carved eraser stamps out of some of my daughter’s drawings – just had her draw directly on the eraser with a ballpoint pen. It was good carving practice.

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