19 Jul

Part of the Process

Since I sorted all my scraps (and have been pretty good about putting new ones in the appropriate bins) I have also been slowly sewing the scraps to paper foundations. “String” quilts made from these sort of aggregate bits are pretty popular these days, and I have always been a fan of the scrappy look.

Green Strings

I started with green because I have a plan that uses greens, blues, and yellows. I am happy to report that my green bin is nearly empty! Now I will chip away at the blue bin.

7 thoughts on “Part of the Process

  1. Right you are Gerrie. All the vertical bits are sewn to foundation strips, but the horizontal strips are not sewn together. That will come later as part of the grand vision. I suspect this process would work as well with fused scraps too — and quicker as you wouldn’t need to sew them to the foundation.

  2. Ooh — looks wonderful. I love the soothing sewing of scraps to paper foundations — restful and productive in a long-term sort of way. I love that scrappy look too!

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