28 Jul

Redemption, of sorts

In my own odd little way, I have redeemed myself for making the 80s dress. The elestic on the jersey microfiber sheet on my son’s bed gave up, but the fabric was still nice; and a nice burnt orange color. So, rather than throw out all that good fabric (or replace the elastic — boooooooring), I decided to try making another dress. This time it was inspired by a friend’s shirt. I decided to make it longer because I needed a dress more than I needed a top.

Dress I like a bit better

It looks a little like a nightdress, but it’s oh so comfortable! I’m pretending it’s more of a “godess” look. I think this godess could use to put on a little lipstick, though. And since I didn’t spend any money on this one, it balances out the euros spent on the linen for the 80s dress (or that’s what I’m telling myself). I’d like a little more twist in the shoulders, but I cut the fabric a little too short. I think I might just sew the twists down invisibly, or add a little flower to hold what twist I have in place.

On the quilt front, I have been basting the city quilt. I decided to baste it by hand so that I don’t have to worry about pins tearing or stressing the fabric when I put the quilt in my frame. Yes, quilt frame: I am going to hand quilt this one. My floor frame will keep the quilt off my lap, which is a good thing. The basting took about four nights though, because I was so sweaty that the needle changed colors and squeeked going through the fabric. I could only stand to do a few rows at a time before I needed to stand in front of a fan. Besides, basting is boring too.

Basting tools

It’s done now, except for the edge I had to rip out because I had basted it to the rug fringe 😉 Next stop is to get some quilting thread as I have none in taupe or off-white.

7 thoughts on “Redemption, of sorts

  1. Wow – it looks fabulous! I just showed Rafael and he seriously thinks I should make one.. ha ha ha.. yeah right, as if I could!!! lol..
    I really love it, the twisted straps are great – yes, I would wear something like that.. smile.. great job, Kristin! I expect you to tell me how the heck you did that next craft day 😀

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