19 Jun

I’m Still Here (sort of)

I’m starting to feel bad about all my vacation photo posts on what’s intended to be an art and craft blog. With all the beaches and adventures in paradise, you’d think I don’t make art anymore. Lucky for me, I still do. I just haven’t been very communicative of late. Nothing dramatic, just an introspective period.

I can say a few things though. First, thank you all very much for voting on my Tiki Toile fabric at Spoonflower. It didn’t even make it into the Top 10, but it was fun to play anyway. I received my sample fat quarter too. The background triangles are a lot lighter than they appeared onscreen, so I’ll be adjusting that some day, but I’m ecstatic about the drawings. Overall, I love this fabric. I laid awake one night wondering if I should make living room or bedroom curtains in Tiki Toile…

I have been working a LOT on a series of art quilts that I hope to enter into a show that is one of my “big goals.” I can’t share the work yet, nor am I sure I’d want to since it’s still in progress and bound to evolve along the way. But, that’s where I’m spending a lot of my time when I’m not off traveling somewhere.

Speaking of traveling and fabric, we saw this adorable vintage mushroom fabric at an antique shop on the Big Island and it had to come home with me.

I’ve got some challenge pieces to post about too, but I’ll save them for another day. Only 10 days(ish) until the next Twelve by Twelve reveal! And, a Keep It Simple Stupid challenge from Dijanne that I loved working on, even though I was a very bad participant (being uncommunicative and all).

5 thoughts on “I’m Still Here (sort of)

  1. I really love your toile fabric and thought it by far the most innovative and creative Tiki fabric. I am really surprised it didn’t do better, but honestly I am usually pretty surprised by what wins those Spoonflower challenges. I am beginning to suspect we are in one of those cultural really bad taste periods that we will look back on in a few years and wonder what the heck we were thinking. Blame Etsy for at least part of it. And the collective consciousness.

  2. Don’t worry about posting vaca photos, consider where you live! No one gets tired of that scenery, and few get to see it-much less live it. I’m thrilled with just a kernal thrown once in a while, you go do your thang.

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