26 Jul

Why I Buy off the Rack

I loved this dress in a window in France. But alas, the store was closed. I eyed some other summer dresses as well, but once in the store, I just lost interest in trying on anything (I’m a lousy shopper).

I like this dress

However, while shopping for handles for Bag #7, I found a lovely linen with little brown flowers embroidered all over it. I found a pattern with similar shapes and stayed up late two nights ago and the night before making this dress. Somehow, my version looks too 80s though. I liked the fluttery sleeves in the pattern, but with the yoke, they got too stiff and lost their flutter. I thought that the embroidered fabric would make up for the patchwork in the original, but I guess not. I had the asymetrical underskirt, but there were just too many gathers and it looked silly, so it got reworked into a contrasting band.

Dress detail

I played with my fancy stitches on the machine and even did some bobbin work with perl cotton and I really like how that turned out. The dress fits OK and is well made with nice finished seams, but I just can’t get past how 80s it looks. If I tried it on in a store and wasn’t pleased, I’d just put it back on the rack. Now I’m out money and time. Bummer.

I don't like this dress so much

6 thoughts on “Why I Buy off the Rack

  1. It’s cute and you will start a trent – the new 80’s look. Now seriously, why does it look 80’s to you? I like the detail and I think it looks very cool! Your biggest fan after your mom and the guy with the acronym I can never remember!!

  2. wow, looks like made from a profession al seamstress – oh yeah, forgot.. lol.. meanwhile you are one, huh?
    I think it´s lovely – maybe just one size too big for you? Glad you found a place to play with the fun stitches on your machine.. smile.. I really like it! The perl cotton is so beautiful!
    It´s a real shame I will never be able to sew a dress.. lol.. maybe I´ll find some time soon to make a simple dress for Isa but something tells me I won´t achieve the “princess” look she´ll want! 😀

  3. There must be something in the air. I’ve had a bug to sew clothes lately but once I finish I always remember why I don’t sew clothes on a regular basis. The final product never quite looks like I imagined it would. I really like all the components of your dress (fabric and detail and the top design). You might try just re-working the waist a bit to capture the essence of your inspiration piece. It’s much too beautiful to not to make work somehow.

  4. i thought maybe it had princess seams. i think the one on the mannequin is pinned at the back, which makes it look like it fits better. the other thing that is nice about your inspiration photo is the balance of the simple top (without sleeves) and the fuller complex skirt which starts with a contrasting hip band.

    yours looks more 80’s because of the shoulder proportion (wide shoulders were very in then, huh?) and the focus on the top, with the darker fabric. so the balance is flipped.

    i have wanted to make clothes for a while, but i was only brave enough to make one muslin skirt. not yet ready to cut any fabric yet!

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