23 Jul

All Done Sewing Houses!

I was very productive this morning while the kids were away at a sleep-over and I sewed together the last of the houses! Then I just couldn’t stay away and I added the border throughout the day as the kids came and went. I feel a great sense of relief that I can move on to the next stage on this. It also means that I can change thread on the machine and sew together some fleece for a background so that I can photograph my quilts myself. I have a Birthday gift or two I should make as well, but I had been putting them off because I wanted/needed to focus on the city. Big project: little stuff: serious art: crafty fun…

The city has moved to the floor:

City Quilt laying on the floor

I Photoshopped together two halves so you you could see it better, but holding the camera over my head made a blurry picture. Maybe next time.

Blurry, patched together city

Now I need to decide if I’m going to hand quilt it, or use the machine. Either way, it will be pretty simple, geometric lines. I like the idea of hand quilting as this quilt is all about the human element, but I can only give it a few months time, so I just don’t know. It would be a nice hand work in front of the TV project, but then again, it’s still awefully hot here to have a Queen sized quilt on one’s lap.

20 thoughts on “All Done Sewing Houses!

  1. K- I know what you mean about not wanting to have a queen sized quilt on your lap to hand quilt during the hot weather! I’m quilting a big quilt by hand during California’s heat wave — it hit 113 degrees yesterday! It’s actually bearable if you have an oscillating fan going near you and you leave as much of the quilt as possible between your legs instead of covering you… I quilted for a week straight, but am taking a break now. The heat has finally gotten to me. There’s a rumor that the fog is supposed to come back to the coast tonight. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. I love the houses! The parallel and perpendicular work well in this architectural design. Now if the houses only had air conditioning! We moved north to beat the heat and I think we have it a little better than you and Betsy (and Southern California), but it is still pretty uncomfortable.

  3. I was reading a book on “linear perspectives” and such in art and this has a technical name when you create a view that is front and aerial at the same time…I would go check but I dropped it back at the library…but anyways, the quilt is great!

  4. I couldn’t wait to see what it would look like finished-it’s wonderful-so static and yet clean lines as well. You really are a genius, my dear….so much talent. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. For the quilting..I really loved the way you finished that quilt a while back that was stunning on the front but the quilting on the back was a piece of artwork as well.Just my humble opinion. Hope you can cool off soon..

  5. awesome! great work.
    i vote for handquilting, but i know it´s too hot for it…
    on the other hand … your machine quilting is so beautiful, you could “add” some small things within your straight lines… like an i-spy 😉

    no matter how you decide, i´m sure it will be *great*!

  6. The houses make me want to live on that block. I used to go to Germany about once a year (my husband is from Hameln in northern Germany just south of Hannover – remember the Pied Piper story!…that’s it.) I also collected cloth bags from stores…I’m sure I have some…someplace. You put yours to good use and I enjoyed watching your progress. Keep up the great work.

  7. Yey, the houses look great! I knew you´d just sit down one of these days and simply put things together and it woudl turn out looking awesome!
    Love the border and can´t wait to see the progress on the quilting as I´m eying the forecast and have to tell you that this weather seems to be going nowhere soon…I think I would prefer it to be handquilted since those old german houses are all handmade as well but I am positive that if you choose machine quilting it´ll turn out great as well.

  8. * I see my bag, I see my bag * yippieh!

    And I vote for hand quilting too … maybe you can postpone until it gets colder? Or you might just have to turn into a night owl and quilt by the light of the moon from, say, two to five at night 😉

    Me love this Summer!!! The wheat is baked and golden, the corn is slightly bleached and green, the crickets are tchirping, ahhhh!

  9. Your composition is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing so much of the process to get here. The border creates a perfect setting for the houses. I’m really amazed at your work Kristin, very inspiring.

  10. wow! wow! Wow! Wow! wow! did i say wow? that is impressive and it looks amazing – it is always hard to see how it is going to end up and when you see the end result, better than you could imagine – wow – cannot wait to see the finished quilt.

  11. I’m really, really impressed with this quilt. I love little house scapes and the German nature of this really shines though. The incorporation of the shopping bags from neighborhood places really puts it over the top.

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