22 Jul

Call Me Lunar

For the past week I have been crabby and not in the mood to do any sort of work. I blamed the heat. Then last night I got the urge to sew together some houses. This morning I willingly vacuumed and did a cursory cleaning of the bathrooms. It didn’t hurt that friends were coming over for craft day, but it was still stinking hot here. Then it dawned on me that it was that time of the month. I was lazy and crabby because I was PMSy. It got me thinking about cycles in general; which got me to thinking about harnessing the energy of high and low points. What if you could figure out what tasks you performed best at what points in your cycle and plan your month based on that information? At the begining of the cycle, when one might be in a nesting state of mind, one could focus on housekeeping matters such as cleaning, bills, organizing, etc. Mid-cycle might be the best time for longer term efforts or physical activities: tackling that big project or joining the kids’ class for a field trip to the woods. PMS time is the time for the introverted deep thinking, or just allowing yourself a break, because, hey, you’ve been maximizing the last three weeks! Yea, I know, nuts. But this is what occurred to me as I was vacuuming. It probably also goes a long way to explaining the New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream and Babylon 5 DVD that I occupied myself with last week.

3 thoughts on “Call Me Lunar

  1. There are calendars that enable you to track your lunar cycles so that you can figure out times just like you described. You can find them via a Google search on the internet. Or, you can merely note your cycle on your regular calendar. My friends and I have talked about this same thing and all agree that charting your lunar cycles in conjunction with planned activities/rest periods is important for women. By the way, we always say that the reason we need chocolate at a certain point in our cycle is because our bodies are deficient in magnesium then–chocolate helps with that

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