16 May

Must Sort Fabric

I love having a dedicated room to call my studio. It’s great to be able to close the door on in-progress projects, or just to throw stuff in there when I don’t want to think about organizing it. Every so often though, and usually when I’ve spent too much time away from my needles and thread, and regardless of more pressing projects, I just have to clean up. Somehow, the way to clean up the projects on the floor is to start a new one! I was frustrated with my big scrap basket and decided that what I REALLY needed to do was sort it by color. Ahhhh, I feel much better now and can move on.

9 thoughts on “Must Sort Fabric

  1. Ha! We are painting my studio and it is making me want to purge some stuff, but I think I will just get some more containers!!

  2. I have a dedicated room, but I can’t get in there because it’s such a mess. Worst part is that I’m a procrastinator too!

  3. All my scraps go together into a large plastic bag so that they’ll be nice and random when I pull them out for my next scrap project. Right…….. and when was the last time I did that?

  4. Oh I did this a couple months ago and I am just thrilled with it! I hope you have even MORE inspiration to work with. I was showing a friend your work yesterday and We ohhhh and ahhhhhhhed for over an hour. You are such a gifted lady.

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