15 Jul

Backyard antics

I was actually excited to get back to the City quilt today as Dorothee sent me three shopping bags. Thanks Dorothee! But alas, life got in the way. I cleaned up the garden this morning because it desperately needed it and I wanted to work on it while it was still cool outside. I had hoped to lure the kids outside as well, but had no luck. Then it was time for lunch (al fresco), and I managed to clean some floors and the glass door which has suffered dearly between our hard water and the kids’ squirt guns.

I banned the kids from TV, computer or Xbox for the rest of the day since I’ve realized that my son was using his hour of screen time here, then going to the neighbor’s house to play some more with him (mostly at the neighbor’s insistence), and, if he’s lucky, he’d get invited to another friend’s house for more screen time. I was sensing more grouchiness than before the new neighbors, and the best friend’s aquisition of a few new games. Needless to say, I’m being the “bad” mom and insisting that the kids play over here so I can monitor my kids’ screen time, or play outside. (I figure my son can play at the neighbor’s when he’s NOT already used his screen time already, and if the neighbor wants more computer/game time he can go home without my son.)

Down side is that I can’t work on anything that needs any concentration. I’ve cut out a summer dress, so maybe I’ll work on that.

Up side is that, when forced, the kids can and will find creative ways to play. (As opposed to letting a black box entertain them.) The boys suggested a fort in the back yard and I felt I had to comply:

Boy Fort

The girls wanted in on the action, so I rigged up a tablecloth between our fence and the picnic table on our patio:

Girl Fort

They’ve had ice cream in the forts and are now devising sign-in sheets and secret passwords. One would think I could go sew now, but I keep getting requests for supplies, drinks, repairs, etc. At least I can feel good about my parenting today.

Our back yard with forts

Oh, and honey, this is the “square ball” Katja was talking about. The cheese lady at Edeka loves my kids 🙂

Katja and the square ball (before the forts)

6 thoughts on “Backyard antics

  1. Glad to see you are a no-tv kind of mom. I was and now Stephanie is. My kids are stil voracious readers and Mia has beome one. I’m sure Miles will follow suit.

  2. Good for you!
    I have noticed that children and adults alike who spend lots of time playing computer games soon become out of balance. In my opinion, this is sad to waste talents and gifts given to each person.
    🙂 Good parenting will keep sewing and reading persons in balance as well.

    (: (:

  3. I’m having the same struggle. I think it’s harder in the summer. During school I just say no screens (ha, we use the same terminology) at all during the school week. The weekends are busy so the weeks go by with an acceptable balance of screen time. Isn’t that behavior they display when they’ve played too long weird? I can spot it a mile away. A certain crankiness. I did purchase DDR and Karoke for Christmas and I have to admit it’s a much better screen alternative for the PS2. It requires active participation and lots of movement, it also doesn’t hurt that all the Karoke songs are from the 80s so Greg and I often have to step in and help 🙂 Now of course, we have discussions about which screens can be played…I’m ready to ban it all. I’m not getting much sewing done either between the general requests and the eating schedule. Summer is short though so I’m starting to surrender a bit to the chaos. Good luck.

  4. wow – your backyard has some odd resemblance to mine at the moment – we were building “forts” though with 2 höhlen inside.. lol.. unfortunately I´ve been unable to upload the pictures but will keep trying – it was great fun!
    And I feel you on the banning of the computer and tv, that happens here occasionally as well although the second I do it I realize I am damaging myself..haha.. but I ultimately benefit from it because I have to drop whatever it is I´m doing and have to play with the monsters

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