20 Oct

What I’m Working On

Recently TS&WGH (tech support and world’s greatest husband) announced that he wanted a Halloween costume for his iPod mini. How could I not comply?

And, just to prove that I don’t get out enough, my next project has also been inspired by a family member. Here’s a drawing my daughter did on a grocery list a few months ago. She describes it as an owl family. The tall one is the daddy:

So here’s what I’ve done with it so far. I’ve used the hand dyed silks I’ve been collecting, plus two silks I marbled and two I have painted. Only after I fused it all together did I read Melody’s blog and find important info regarding flat weave and twill weave fabrics and resulting stringy bits. Oh well, I planned on embellishing edges and stuff on this anyways. So, that’s where I am. What now? I want to satin stitch around some of the shapes, like the purple vertical stripe, but I think that the owls need somethng more special. I have ribbon floss I can use through the bobbin, but I don’t trust myself to do a decent job going accurately around the shapes while working from the back. I can couch from the front like I did on the fish , but then I think I need an even bolder choice of yarn or ribbon. I’d like to do some hand stitching/embroidery and plan to do some overall machine quilting as well. So, I’m setting this aside for a bit while I contemplate my options and determine which embelishments need to go on when in the whole process. Hmmmmmm.

I’m not sure if there’s some subconscious thing going on or not. As I was making this, I liked the way the tall owl looked on the stripey fabric. It seemed to emphasise the tallness. I also enlarged the others just for the sake of the composition. The subconscious part: daddy owl is cordoned off in his own world and mommy owl now has the greatest importance. Really, I didn’t mean to do that. Really.

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  2. I love this! I love anything that translates children’s art into another form, but particulary fabric. Love the concept, love the colors, love the fringey stripes at the bottom. Delightful!

    Also, I sent a link to your C.R. MacIntosh to another fan, http://www.francescaple.com/ . Frances will enjoy seeing your quilt since she loves MacIntosh’s work (as well as that of wife and sister).

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