22 Apr

I Love Zig Zags

I am a huge fan of Wanda of Exuberant Color. She is the most prolific quilter I have run across and she’s absolutely fearless when it comes to mixing fabrics.

I may have mentioned here that I love zig zag quilts. It is also no secret that I love fabrics from Kaffe Fasset.

So, imagine my excitement when Wanda started a zig zag charm (meaning no fabric is used more than once) quilt with 308 Kaffe Fasset prints! Sure, I could make a zig zag quilt (indeed, I’ve made two) myself, but my Kaffe collection pales in comparison to Wanda’s and she’s got a way with fabric. No, I just HAD to have hers so I asked if she’d consider selling it.

The quilt top now lives with me. I had originally thought it would be a couch quilt, but it really looks good in my daughter’s room, adding to the bohemian flavor she’s developing in her personal style. Now I just need to find the time to quilt it.

7 thoughts on “I Love Zig Zags

  1. I wondered who bought that spectacular quilt! Have you given any thought to tying it? I think it might look cool with ties in different colors of floss.

  2. Ah so it was you who bought that gorgeous quilt. Wanda’s amazing and has the best fabric stash ever! This looks perfect in your house.

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