21 Apr

Aloha Wear

We will be attending my mother in law’s wedding this summer and I think the kids will have parts in the ceremony. Though the wedding will be pretty casual, the couple have said that “their color” is purple. A few months ago, I found a nice aloha shirt for my son and matching dress for my daughter in taupe and lavender. I didn’t buy them at the time though because the kids weren’t with me and I wasn’t sure of MIL’s plans.

We finally went back to the shop last Sunday, and it was gone! We continued on to the big mall but after five or six stores, we hadn’t really found what we were looking for. Finally, it dawned on me that I could easily sew something. So, off to the fabric store (the link is a different store, but the same chain)¬†we went.

We found a lovely purply print for my daughter, but my son preferred an ochre one. Luckily, they share the same colors, just in inverse ratios, so I went with it. My daughter wanted more of a party dress than a mu’u mu’u, so McCall’s 6020 is what we ended up with. The sash will be in the ochre fabric of her brother’s shirt. He was getting frustrated with me because I wouldn’t let him get any of the black and gold buttons he liked (they looked like they belonged on a Chanel knock-off). Though I had something more rustic in mind, we compromised on the yellow buttons. Now I need to get sewing.

5 thoughts on “Aloha Wear

  1. I used to sew most of the clothes for my kids. I really enjoyed it. They are going to look very cool. Is the wedding going to be in Hawaii?

  2. Very cute fabrics & pattern. I did matching yellow satin ones similiar to the dress pattern for my 2 girls who were in my sister’s wedding. My 3rd girl wore a tuxedo, lol…

    And what about you? What will you wear?

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