17 Apr

Easter Crafting

Our guests arrived the day before Easter, so I felt like I should do a little something for all the kids. My kids and I dyed a dozen eggs (nothing fancy, just basic dunking in basic colors) so we could have a hunt in the yard.

I made one that match so perfectly the hibiscus leaves that it took the kids four tries to find it.

I also made four baskets, though I didn’t bother to photograph them when they were fresh and full.

The baskets are woven from cardboard boxes (for four baskets: a lego box, a six pack, a cereal box, a box of Borax, and a case of soda). I found instructions/inspiration on Craft Stylish. I filled the baskets with shredded paper, a cute tin of M&Ms, Peeps, a blown egg filled with confetti (THAT was fun!), and some japanese biscuits with cute packaging. Each kid got a bunny monster of my own design as well. The two girls got cute purple ones made from leftover purple stretch velvet, and the boys got slightly zombie-esque ones made from outgrown T-shirts. ┬áThe bunnies are soft and squishy and were very well received — which sort of surprised me considering the recipients are tweens!

6 thoughts on “Easter Crafting

  1. You can buy “cascarones” at the market during Easter season in Dallas. It’s a Mexican tradition. Did you smash them on each other’s heads? Love the bunnies!

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