16 Apr

Life in Hawai’i

Phew, there’s been a lot going on here since I last posted.

Mostly, it’s been of the guesty/touristy type ¬†with lots of family pictures, and thus not too blog-worthy. I’ve managed a few small crafty projects. We hiked to the top of Diamond Head crater, saw a honu (green sea turtle) up close on the beach, hunted for easter eggs, went to the zoo, splashed in the surf at Waikiki. Our guests went to The Big Island and swam with dolphins, visited the volcano, and went to The Place of Refuge. Back on Oahu, I met blogger Bitter Betty and added to the scope of my shave ice experiences. Our guests returned and went to Pearl Harbor and checked out the Mighty Mo, we all went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay, they went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, and we walked around the botanical gardens at Waimea Valley, ate shave ice, and went to Germaine’s Luau to see my dance teacher perform, plus we played hooky at the beach and tried boogie boarding and then buried all the kids in the sand.

I may do some retroactive posts of our activities. Then again, I may just move forward and you’ll have to take my word for it that we had a great time!

7 thoughts on “Life in Hawai’i

  1. Glad you’re having fun with family and friends. You deserve it!

    We’re busy, too, and it’s midnight and I should be in bed. Family arriving tomorrow from three states away! And I am soooo excited!

  2. that’s what you’ve been up too! i was wondering….. glad you and your guests had a blast, although I cannot imagine it any other way..

  3. Thanks so much for meeting us! We had so much fun and you were so generous.
    Getting caught up around here has been tricky (The chocolate mushrooms were no match for the cold bug I caught on leg two of our plane trip home.)

    Meeting you was a highlight for me and I just wish I had not gotten flustered so I would have remembered to take pictures!

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