27 Mar

The Washout

The shaving cream marbling was disappointing. As I rinsed the fabrics, I could see that the black had basically melted into a blur. Once fully washed, it was evident that the orange was either too close in color to the red (as it was made with the same dye) to be distinguishable, or it washed out completely, the red was actually pretty good, and the black didn’t hold any of it’s definition. This could be user error on my part (maybe the oil used in teh thickener had an adverse effect), or it could be that blacks are really just tricky dyes to work with and the process would have been much more successful had I been using reds, greens and blues.

On the other hand, the dye painting went pretty well. The sponged-on black kept it’s shape, and I love my painted red brush strokes. With fussy cutting, I may use some of these for my 12×12 Kilauea project, though I had envisioned a lot more black in the design and was really looking forward to marbled fabrics.

Today, I will marble on orange fabric with paint. I feel very good about this since I won’t have to wash it if I don’t want to (the fabric already having a nice base color). I am still up for trying the marbling with dyes again, but I am out of black and don’t feel like driving to town to go buy more nor am I ready to place an order online given the time left for this project and the guests arriving next week. Some day, I will try making a concentrated dye solution with Procion powders and urea water, which I will float on carageenan size and transfer onto fabric soaked in soda ash and water. But not today.

9 thoughts on “The Washout

  1. The great thing is that even fabrics that we “don’t like” are still beautiful fabrics that can be transformed into something! Thanks for sharing your processes and results with this one.

  2. Could there be an additive in the shaving cream that is causing the dye to misbehave? I think even your rejects are beautiful. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  3. I’m afraid your disasters haven’t put me off one bit!! I’m going to try ALL of that, especially the shaving cream. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it … and have SO much fun.

  4. I’m living vicariously through your posts. I think your fabrics are lovely — even when they don’t turn out as you’d hoped. I’m too chicken to attempt any of this yet. Please keep posting so that when I do get up the nerve to try all this, I’ll have an excellent reference to refer to!

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