23 Mar

Watson Lake at Granite Dells (more vacation photos)

Our vacation to Arizona was primarily to visit with my sister and her family. They are avid rock climbers so of course we had to go climbing while there. Since their kids are small and mine had never climbed before, we planned  on canoeing too, in case anyone preferred paddling. Snowfall was heavy this year, so our destination, Watson Lake, was pretty full. The usual path to the climbing area was under water, so instead of bouldering with gear, we opted to canoe to the site. After dropping the climbers off, my brother in law also shuttled my man to a trailhead so he could go running through The Dells and their cool rock formations.

That was about the extent of the canoe use though because my kids loved the climbing! The boy scrambled up the rock face like a natural. He had the advantage of borrowed climbing shoes, but I suspect he would have done well in clunky boots too.

My girl, in her rainbow tennies and less aggressive attitude, took a few attempts. She got it though and made it to the top on the third try. I was the proud mom on belay (the one on the other end of the safety rope).

The kids almost made it look easy.

The view was great, and the kids were chuffed.

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  1. My kind of vacation, though I think I would have been a canoe-er, not a climber. I had a very unglamorous attempt at rock climbing at an indoor rock wall. No, this is not my forte, though I should work on it; I imagine the views are amazing.

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