22 Mar


When my kids are asked how they like living in Hawai’i, they usually say something like “It’s OK, but I miss snow.” They grew up in Germany where all four seasons march through the year like good little soldiers in nearly perfect three month increments and with all the hallmarks of a classroom chart. So, when we went to Arizona for their spring recess they requested enough snow to make snowballs and maybe even toboggan a little. Lucky us, one of the mountain backdrops to my sister’s house had just enough snow to fit the bill.

Brace yourselves for more vacation pictures to come!

4 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Yup, we go “to the mountain” to enjoy the snow. Otherwise, like this evening, we enjoyed 70 degree patio dining.

    Glad you were able to bring the kids to AZ, besides our favorite spot in Maui, there isn’t a better place to live and play.

  2. How strange – I didn’t reaslie until I watched this that I expected your kids to have acquired at least semi-German accents! Looks like you had great fun.

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