04 Mar

If only I had….

Oh nevermind.

I have blogger’s remorse. This post was awkwardly written and pretty much an example of me contemplating something and then thinking “Oh I haven’t blogged in a while. Perhaps I should blog what’s mulling around in my head.” Yet, sometimes what is rattling around in my head needs to stay in my head and not be said out loud. Not because it’s inappropriate — just because it’s not well thought out. I liked Emily’s comment though. What I hadn’t really considered, and what I’m lacking personally, is that confidence in my vision that worst case scenario, it will turn out just fine, but best case scenario, it will be fantastic.

Rooted XI

This little house is for the SAQA benefit auction this fall. I meant to donate something last year, but I didn’t think what I had made was up to par and then didn’t get a chance to do another piece. This time around, I was running with an idea and really liked how it turned out. That’s what I entered into Tactile Architecture. This is a smaller variation, which I like too. It’s wrapped around a stretched canvas, so it’s a nice little textile painting for the wall.

9 thoughts on “If only I had….

  1. Do the work. Make lots of stuff – a series is good. Some may go in the trash, but in the work you do, there will be gems. That is my mantra, Right now, I am so tied up in things I have to do, but i feel that I am honing my style, my voice.

    Oh, by the way, you have accomplished a lot!! Give yourself a pat on the back.

  2. you are asking some interesting questions. Who is to say that the end result isn’t going to be even better than the imagined? I think our culture focuses too much on results and products and not enough on process and growth and letting things happen.

    I so enjoy seeing how each of your little houses is different and yet have your signature and feel. The simplicity of this one is particularly endearing.

  3. I think your house is lovely. And I agree with Gerrie and ravenhill that you accomplish so much (which is amazing in and of itself) and all your work is a beautiful expression of your artistic voice.

  4. Pat, pat, pat. If you won’t pat yourself on the back, I’ll do it for you.;-) I really love your house series. I realized this week that there really isn’t anyone looking over my shoulder to see if what I create is “any good”. So, if I like something, I keep working on it. If it is blah, it gets to go to the home for misfit projects. Have a good weekend.

  5. I have found the same struggles with blogging. Sometimes I get half way through a post, and look at it to find that it would make little to zero sense in anyone else’s head. It also it getting at things that are too deep for even me. So I scrap it and keep busy with other things. Thanks for making me feel not so alone.

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