14 Feb


While most of the country is enveloped in snow, I am here to bring a little sunshine (or make readers insanely jealous). As part of my ploy to hang out with Deborah as much as possible we met her and her crew at Hanauma Bay for some snorkeling.

We had not yet been, and this snorkeling mecca was on our must-do list. The water is pretty clear and we actually saw a wider variety of fish than we had on our Molokini snorkel day last summer.

There was interesting coral and some anenomes, and the cutest little polka dotted box fish:

And what’s this we’re pointing at?

That’s our state fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa! Which sounds even funnier when screamed excitedly through a snorkel. The kids were thrilled to see and instantly recognize the fish who’s name they’ve been practicing so enthusiasticly.

My big excitement was going further out into the bay with Deborah’s husband and brother in law to see even more fish on the back side of the reef. And, like all good tourists, we were really hoping to see a turtle. And we did! After a quick sighting, it reappeared a few minutes later and we floated with it, very relaxed, for a good 20 minutes. That was cool!

That was the best Furlough Friday yet!

16 thoughts on “Honu

  1. That is beautiful. And it is great to see that Hawaii is protecting its beaches and sea life. When I was there in the 1980s the water was so dirty, I couldn’t see my feet while wading in a couple feet of water, which did not inspire me to try snorkeling.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Totally reminded me of my trip to Hawaii and all the amazing things snorkeling. Looks like you had a great time! Those sea turtle are so majestic.

  3. How beautiful. The turtle is very wonderful. Isn’t it awe-inspiring to see such incredible creatures swimming in the sea? Even the plodding turtle becomes graceful in the water. As uncomfortable as I always am in the water, I think snorkeling is a wondrous experience!

  4. So while we’re laying under a white blanket of snow, freezing our b**t off, you’re obviously having fun in the sun.
    As much as I love snow – I really envy you this moment! And I love looking at the pictures to enjoy at least the view and the thought of it! 🙂
    DH is leaving for a week to LA on Sunday, so he’ll also enjoy some sunshine. While I keep “schneeschipping”. It’s not a real word, but you’ll know what that means 😉

  5. Oh, even I get jealous, and we don’t have snow here (the sun has been seen, but it is rather cold). Hanauma bay is so beautiful. We didn’t see any honu, just fish — I’d love to go back!

  6. You’ve snorkeled where Obama snorkeled! That’s almost as cool as eating shave ice where Obama eats shave ice.

    I need to go look up what time to get there to be in line when they open the gate. The one time I drove by (in the pouring rain, yet) the place was jammed with tour buses. My friend said to “go early”. But your photos make it look PERFECT and it does not look like you got up at dawn.

    A hui hou!

  7. oh my that beach!!! I must admit, I´m jealous now. Can´t stand the winter any more, as we had so much snow the last months and I´m longing for sun & colors & warmth.

  8. Hi, Long time no visit! Gorgeous photo on top of this post. Glad to see you are enjoying life there. We didn’t make the move after all, why I never contacted you.

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