11 Feb


Me and Deborah

Yet another bloggy connection has been made. Deborah and I have been following each other’s blogs for years. She’s the one who convinced me to join the Twelve by Twelve group, and we are now co-authors with the rest of the “Twelves” of a book about the project. Brenda has made a chart noting which of us have met in real life, and now we can add another line!

I often wonder when I meet someone whom I’ve gotten to know online if the real person is going to be like I imagined them, or if my imagination is way off base. Gerrie’s voice was different than the one in my head (I think I was expecting something huskier, though I don’t know why) and I had somehow expected Natalya to seem more Russian than New York even though I knew both are big influences. Deborah was exactly as I had imagined her to be — though she said I was shorter than what she imagined.

The fun part though is to find out that yes, through our blogs, we really have come to know each other and, at least from my side, we hit it off well. Lots of talking about our artwork, the book project, our Twelve by Twelve work, our kids, living in different places — all the good stuff friends talk about. I am so grateful to have met a community of like minded people online and to be able to extend that connection every now and then to my real life.

3 thoughts on “Connections

  1. “Shorter than I imagined”.
    Sounds like I’ve heard that before.
    Yes, heard that many times myself.

    And in fact I thought you’re about 5’8″ before we met in person 😉

  2. I admire Deborah, and I LOVE her family, tho she prolly doesn’t even know I exist, lol. That’s the blessing behind the ‘net, I can still stay a bit shy!

    So in your mind’s eye for me..think short-fat-middle aged gov’t worker..yeah, that’d be me! October! woo-hoo

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