09 Feb

How my Brain Works

Hawaiian Fabrics

One of the members of the quilt guild I belong to was asked by a local clothing company if she could organize some sewers to make pillowcases from factory scraps which the company ¬†could then donate to deployed troops as a taste of home. Our “payment” would be all the scraps too small for the patchwork pillows. Of course I’ll sew for troops, and extra scraps are always fun, so I agreed to participate. As I was cutting out my 6″ squares, I was daydreaming about what to do with the oddly shaped ¬†scraps. I pulled out the few hawaiian fabrics already in my stash. And then it hit me — a pineapple block! Has anyone made a pineapple log cabin quilt using aloha shirt fabric? If not, then why? It seems so obvious to me now.

8 thoughts on “How my Brain Works

  1. pineapple block and aloha shirt fabric sound good together.
    I’m eager to see what you come up with – I’m pretty sure you’ll give it a twist of your own…

  2. That is a good idea. I need to get going on my pillowcases. Heck, I need to re-set up my room from the last bee still. My table is still in the garage (the only reason it is out of the car is I needed to put the kids in).

  3. That sounds very fun — I made a pineapple log cabin ages ago and it was fun. Keep collecting those scraps! By the way, some years ago, a friend went to Hawaii (I’m not sure where) and brought me back a pre-packaged bundle of hawaiian shirt fabric scraps. Maybe there’s a factory where you can get loads?

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